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on 1/2/2019 Android phone price increases

on 1/2/2019 Android phone price increasesEuropean Android manufacturers pay a high premium to bring the entire Google app to the device. Documents show that each device must carry a maximum of 40 USD if you want to have a suite of Google Mobile Services, including the Google Play Store. Inconsistent new fees vary by country and type, applicable to all devices activated after 1/2/2019.
on 1/2/2019 Android phone price increases

Criticism of the judgment raises it as a rising cost to the user. When a manufacturer pays a certain amount of money on each device, it is likely that it will increase the price of the device to compensate for the loss.firms may not have to spend so much money. According to The Verge, Google is offering stand-alone deals to offset some or all usage fees for companies that choose to install Chrome and Google Search on their device.

European licensing terms in Europe must change due to the European Commission’s decision banning Google from requiring manufacturers to install Chrome and Search along with other applications. In its official statement, Google has not mentioned a fee base, but the internal documentation says it depends on the country and the pixel density.

European countries are divided into three levels, the highest rates applied to England, Sweden, Germany, Norway and the Netherlands. At this point, a device that owns a pixel density of more than 500ppi (pixels/inch) has to pay $ 40 to use the full suite of Google apps, devices that cost 400 to 500 ppi pay $ 20, and the device below. 400 ppi has to pay 10 USD. In other countries, with low-end phones, the fee is only $ 2.5 / machine.
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In addition to the immediate cost, manufacturers that do not have Chrome can lose search engine traffic, which has given them Google and Google’s prior choice. Under the new agreement, Google does not share search revenue for non-Chrome devices and sets the browser on the home screen dock.

European Commission’s decision does not oblige Google to charge but requires Google to split the traditional application bundle. The court found that by offering the search package and Chrome inside Android, Google had hampered competition, eliminating the opportunity for manufacturers to sign better deals around the browser and search engine. In addition, Google also fined $ 5 billion. The committee considers splitting is a way to increase competition, reduce costs and add more options to users in the long run.
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Chrome and search are two important sources of Google profits, without them, they have to find another way to offset the cost of delivering the remaining applications and services on the device. If manufacturers want to use any other Google application, they must pay and then decide if they should make a browser transaction and search independently of Google. Perhaps, most will sign such an agreement because the Google Play Store is home to most Android apps. If you want Facebook, Instagram or other apps on your device, paying for Google is the easiest way.

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