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Microsoft Major Update for Windows

Microsoft Major Update for Windows Microsoft has officially released the next major update for its Windows 10 operating system, Windows 10 October 2018, which can be obtained free of charge for existing users via Windows Update or manually downloaded. This update, formerly called Redstone 5, Build 17763 brings version 1809 of Windows 10 system.

Windows 10 is a service rather than an operating system, allowing it to continue to add enhancements and changes, and has released five major system updates: the November update, the anniversary update, the Creators update, the Fall Creators update, and the April 2018 update.

Windows IntelliServer enables users to take advantage of the new beta features before they reach the rest of the devices via stable versions. The new update comes after the launch of the major update Windows 10 April 2018 earlier this year.

Windows 10 update October 10, 2018, and the updated Windows 10 October 2018 features a darkened appearance of the File Explorer file management program, an updated cropping tool, a new syncing folder synchronized across devices, a new version of the Notepad application, and an integrated With a company called your phone.

Any Phone, users can view recent photos, websites and messages on the smartphone on their computers. The company also offers an upcoming feature to the application that allows applications within the PC environment, including alerts and third-party applications.

The update also brings new weblogging, quick login features, mixed reality features, a SwiftKey touchscreen keyboard, enhanced touchpad usage instead of a keyboard, a more powerful gaming bar, and enhancements to the Microsoft Edge, And many other improvements.

The Microsoft To-Do application is integrated into the Web version of the Outlook email application to appear side by side with the Inbox and Calendar and is synchronized bidirectionally with a To-Do application for Android and iOS.

The Microsoft Launcher application for the Android operating system has also been updated with quick access to calendar events, task list, and timeline for Windows 10, and now integrates with applications such as WatSab, while the Timeline feature displays documents, e-mails, and Web sites that have been recently opened on the phone, As well as documents, messages, and sites that have been viewed or modified on your computer.

Microsoft said it would expand support for the Windows Timeline feature for IOS users in early November through an update to the Microsoft Edge browser.

With the launch of Windows 10, Microsoft was aiming to get 1 billion operating systems in two to three years, and the system began to grow very strongly but slowed down as months progressed, pushing the company back from its previously announced goal.

The system was installed on more than 75 million computers in the first four weeks of its launch, and the company announced its installation on 110 million devices after 10 weeks, 200 million in less than six months, 270 million after eight months, 300 million after nine Months, 350 million after 11 months, 400 million after 14 months, 500 million after 21 months, 600 million after 27 months, and surpassing 700 million in September, 37 months after its launch.

Main Update for Windows

Microsoft has stopped distributing the latest major update of its Windows 10 operating system, Windows 10 October 2018, after the software giant announced its official availability to users during an unveiling of its new Surface devices earlier this month. A number of users who have downloaded and installed the complaint about the past two days have deleted the profiles in their document folders.

The only possible solution currently seems to be to identify and disable the policy of the group that delete user profiles, and the company removed the update from its download site, knowing that it has not yet begun to send automatically through the service “Windows Update” Windows Update, According to the technical support page, the latest version currently available for download is the October update.

This update, previously called the Redstone 5, has built build 17763 and brings version 1809 from Windows 10, and Microsoft said through the Windows Update technical support site For all users have temporarily suspended Windows 10 October 2018 (version 1809)  For all users while we investigate isolated reports about users who lost some files after the update.

The company stopped naming Windows 10 updates and renamed it by month and year. Microsoft now recommends that affected users contact them directly and that if a user manually downloads the October update, please do not install it and wait for it to be available. The official update is new, as many users have not been able to recover deleted files.

It is not clear how many Windows 10 users have been affected by this problem, which scans personal files with all documents, music, pictures and other data, but even if it is a small percentage, it is still surprising that this problem was not avoided during the large Microsoft tests to update October.

Millions of people are helping Microsoft test Windows 10, but the company recently suffered from the quality of Windows updates. It postponed the update Windows 10 April 2018 Update earlier this year because of the problem of the Blue Death screen, which it managed to resolve before the update came to Ordinary consumers and businesses.

Microsoft has been planning to send its new major Windows 10 October 2018 to all users of its Windows 10 operating system on Tuesday but is now likely to be suspended as the company continues its investigation into the deletion problem.

Microsoft has identified Windows 10 as a service rather than an operating system, allowing it to continue to add enhancements and changes. It has previously released five major system updates: the November update, the anniversary update, the Creators update, the Fall Creators update, April 2018.

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